Lace choker that you gonna be diggin'!-Looking for the best Chokers!!!!

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This stylish choker is perfect accessory for completing the outfit for an uptown trendy look.


Chokers have wound around human necks for thousands of years—symbols, always, of the delicate dance fashion enables between vulnerability and power.

The simple adornment—a slim strip, usually composed of metal or fabric, that wraps around the neck, evoking both delicacy and boldness—has recently graced the necks of beautiful ladies

The choker is, on the one hand, simply one more way that the current culture has been looking back nostalgically to the ’90s. But they evoke much more than ’90s grunge: Chokers were common across ancient cultures, and cycled in and out of style during the most recent centuries in the West—prized for their ability both to conceal the neck and to highlight it. Today they most readily suggest the romantic

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