Chokers -  Are these still in Season?

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The choker has been a hot topic this week—from ASOS's introduction of mens chokers, to Matt Lauer taking on the ubiquitous trend on the Today Show, sparking our decision to officially announce the death of the choker. But it's hard to find a street style shot of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and many of the most stylish women of the moment without one on. So, we polled a few designers who've made some of the most popular chokers to date to find out if they're feeling its demise, and if so, what will take it's place? Read below to find out.

Bella Hadid in Johaab, Brit Maren in Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, Ophelie Guillermand in Fallon Jewerly, Kendall Jenner in Frasier Sterling Jewelry

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